V Nation

Νικόλαος Τσέκος

Many fluffy-bunny new-agers would have you believe that “you create your own reality.” Although this is a lie –have them walk through a wall or materialize a 24-karat gold bar, if you doubt that– their cliché obliquely points toward a truth. Initiated living vampires are acutely sensitive to situational dynamics. By observing precisely how The Current moves in, around, and through others, (s)he can shape motivations so as to become the exploite.


Αριθμός σελίδων:   23

Έτος κυκλοφορίας:   2021

ISBN:   978-618-5498-63-4

Τύπος βιβλίου:   EPUB

  • 1) What is a vampire?
  • 2) Blood drinking Vampires
  • 3) 21 Century nocturnal Society
  • 4) Vampire Community
  • 5) Vampirism, and chronos
  • 6) Vampirism and postmodernity
  • 7) Vampire Folk
  • 8) The Vampire Church

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